June 20, 2014

A year ago this month, we started this monthly newsletter with just one goal in mind: Provide our business partners with meaningful content that helps them be more successful.  We took a page from Nic Adler’s playbook, the owner of the world-renowned Roxy Theater in West Hollywood.  He said that “… you have to be more than a sales pitch …” to your customers.  We felt, and still feel, that we must give in order to receive, and so we institutionalized our commitment to educating ourselves and sharing our knowledge and time freely with our partners.   Every week, our staff meets to do a “deep dive” into the pool of digital marketing.  We are investing aggressively in building expertise in search marketing, reputation management, content strategy, analytics, programmatic ad buying, and more.  We believe that the future is a knowledge-based economy, and that by investing in ourselves and then sharing what we know with you, we can make a business out of giving.

This is really at the heart of what we see changing with consumer decisions today.  Yes, of course the internet provides consumers with tremendous resources to educate themselves about product and service offerings, but more importantly we see that consumers gravitate to the most reliable sources of relevant content.  And so with that, we are renewing the lease on this newsletter.  We appreciate the valuable feedback you have given us over the past year, and we encourage you to continue the conversation.  We opened up a survey for you to provide some direction to us in how we can improve, so please take advantage of that.  But you can always just reply to this newsletter and let us know how we are doing, or email wecanhelp@jacksonville.com.  We truly appreciate the trust you place in us as your local media and marketing partner, and we look forward every day to serving you and your business better.

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