Our Engine 212 Display Advertising Solution provides businesses with a complete “end-to-end” digital media service.   We handle the complexities of digital advertising and campaign management so our customers can focus on running their business.

Engine 212 brings together multiple vendor technologies that enable us to offer local businesses a custom-tailored solution designed to meet their unique advertising campaign goals.  Our Engine 212 display advertising solution is centered on massive amounts of data and multiple solutions that get the customer measurable results.  As an advertising campaign runs, Engine 212 will collect data from areas across the web to better target the right customer, with the right message, at the right moment.  Our optimization teams work to target audiences at home, abroad or on the road and continuously monitor campaigns across multiple platforms to ensure the customer’s goals are met.

PDF: What is Engine 212

A-J Media is more than just the dominant source for news and information in West Texas for the past 115 years.  We offer a full array of  solutions that are custom tailored to help you spend more time running your business and less time looking for assistance.  With a knowledgeable staff right here in Lubbock, we are always within reach.

Social Media

Social media provides a personalized platform for businesses to connect with their customers while shaping perspectives of their company, products, and services. By effectively managing your social media channels you can increase social reach and attract new prospects.

We offer:

  • Monthly content creation and scheduling
  • Content development around your core business offerings, industry topics, community-based relationships and events
  • Connect and engaging with other relevant organizations on social media
  • Blog and email management


Web Development

A website may be the first line of communication between a business and a potential customer. Forty percent of mobile site visitors will move on if a site is not mobile friendly, which is why having a quality site is crucial to your business success.

We offer:

  • Sites the provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices with easy reading and navigation
  • Content that is managed from one place and one site to correctly appear on all devices



Search is the number one way people look for businesses and search advertising is the noted method for lead generation. As users search and consume content online, we use the data associated with that activity to target advertising to the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. Search data is a key indicator of intent.

We offer:

  • Search retargeting that leverages data to display your ad to the right users based on their search terms
  • An extensive search network including the top search engines, plus 100+ local directories & specialty sites, reaching 98% of the places consumers search
  • Professionally managed search campaign and assistance with accessing and analyzing reports
  • Automated budget spend and monitored performance by campaign professionals

*Pay only when a consumer clicks your search ad!*


Reputation Management

What people say about your company online has become the most important reflection of your company’s quality and reliability. We provide services that will optimize your growing potential.

We offer:

  • Active monitoring and management of your business’ visibility and reputation across major sites and directories online
  • Assistance with data hygiene on major directories, and claiming your business pages
  • Responsive services to review across 10+ major sites, and mentions on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels
  • Easy to interpret business intelligence reports and month review



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